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"A mesmerising film...One of the most authentic depictions of everyday Indian magic ever screened." The Guardian Guide

"Elegant novella of a film... made with seriousness and a pleasing and unaffected grace." Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The lines between reality, mysticism and the surreal are never clearly drawn in this romantic but intellectually challenging and arty Indian film, a first time effort from novelist Vijay Singh. The New York Times

"A gifted filmmaker introduces you to a new, intoxicating world ." Jonathan Ross, BBC TV

"A magical and gorgeous-looking first feature..." The Daily Telegraph

"Wonderful scenery... and the tale itself is never less than fascinating. Fresh, complex and quite charming." Peter Preston,  The Observer

"It's a mix of surrealism and realistic detail, tenderness and reality, quiet wit and poetry." Nigel Cliff,  The Times

"A romantic sensibility you seldom see today and a feeling for the mysteries of India that fortunately don't preclude a decent sense of humour." Derek Malcolm, Midweek

"Lavish and distinctive." Antonia Quirke, Independent on Sunday

"It looks like a dream..." Harpers & Queen

"A haunting experience that lingers long in the mind." Footloose

"Refreshingly different." What's on in London

"Magic realism with star crossed passion." David Parkinson, Empire

"A dreamy, beautifully-lensed tale where characters spring to life with almost painful intensity." Deborah Young, Variety


"When the holiest of the holy rivers encounters cinema, the result is sheer magic." Alain Corneau

"Love and Ganges - a beautiful journey of cinema" Jean-Claude Carrière

"Magnificently photographed, made with a rhythm and structure of its own, this film is a homage to India, the Ganges and the madness of love." Le Monde

"A magnificent book of images." Le Nouvel Observateur, Paris

"We are ushered into the depths of an unknown world which is also our own."  Le Figaro, Paris

"Breathtaking imagery,  just as the stunning Zehra (the courtesan)..." L'Express

"A portrait of India... Life, death, horror, beauty - in other words, sheer
poetry.  Figaroscope, Paris

"Shunning clichés, mocking himself, Vijay Singh puts his name to a film where dream and reality mix harmoniously." La Vie, Paris

"The long journey down the Ganges, with its colourful interludes and mysterious encounters, is an enchantment, a poetic dream." Les Echos

"A fascinating travel film, dreamy and accessible." La Presse, Canada

"Wonderfully acted... with a sense of humour." Globe and Mail, Canada

"Poetic and magical." La Capital, Argentina

"(Vijay Singh shows) a grip over the medium that's remarkable in a directorial debut."  The Times of India   

"Jaya Ganga is a film with a soul. A soul that holds a difficult subject together." The Outlook

"An ode to love and reincarnation" India Today

"One of those rare films where nobody makes a bad move." The Pioneer

"Vijay Singh excels as a director in Jaya Ganga... a must see film that is a journey down the Indian heritage." The Asian Age


“This feel-good tale has several laugh-out loud moments and slips its lesson of tolerance into a palatable form that audiences can easily digest.” Variety

“Genial tale of immigrant ingenuity and inter-racial idealism… consistently
amusing.” Empire***

“Infinitely more subtle than the spate of recent British diaspora pictures, this likably low-key gem effortlessly combines European and Bollywood influences without lapsing into cliché or caricature.” BBC Movies

“A light-hearted comedy. A tasty hors d’oeuvre.” Derek Malcolm, The Evening Standard

“Subtle and entertaining treatment of serious topics of immigration and integration.” BBC, Film 2005

Paris sauce curry, Liberation

“Incredible talent…A stunning movie” Jose Arthur, France Inter

“A tale with an exotic flavour overflowing with fantasy, humour, music - shot in a Paris hitherto unknown, where lives the Indian community” Le Figaro

“This comedy full of fantasy recounts with humour the tribulations of a chakkarbaz (conman)” Le Canard Enchaine

“Vijay Singh brings up the topics of immigration and integration in the most entertaining and surprising forms.” L’Officiel des Spectacles

“This charming tale portrays, with tenderness and humour, the immigrant Indian community in Paris. It’s funny, unusual, full of colors, joy and music” Figaroscope

“Many find the topic of immigration very sensitive and complex to treat. Vijay Singh proves its opposite by making One Dollar Curry, a sincere homage to this particular side of France..” Le Figaro


"If you want something labeled travel, pick quality spiced stuff, like Vijay Singh's Jaya Ganga... Chatwinesque"
                    Veronica Horwell in The Guardian (London)   

"A journey full of surprises, a journey that will please you, that will displease you... a journey necessary all the same for it teaches you to swim through the enigmas of this world."
                    Jean-Claude Carrière in Liberation

"Beyond the present, this journey is a pilgrimage to the very source of religion, art and history. It is a meditation on time and the tragedy of existence... Jaya Ganga, whose baroque effervescence at times brings Umberto Eco to mind, is not just one of the most original books of recent times, it also heralds the birth of a writer."
                    Michelle Perrot in Le Nouvel Observateur

"Almost a new style of writing is born: less cerebral and convoluted than Rushdie, less formal than Anita Desai, less clever than Vikram Seth but certainly more wholesome and fulfilling for the modern Indian soul."
                    Aman Nath in The Times of India

"This novel is the very air that India breathes... its great quality is to inspire thought."
                    Antoine Spire in Le Matin

"Jaya Ganga is a literary event, the revelation of an immense talent."
                    J.B. in La Montagne

"A shocking adventure - mystical, romantic, erotic. The Ganga is that huge boulevard where the sages and the prostitutes share a common destiny..."
                    Jean-Paul Ribes in Actuel

"Poetic, mystical, metaphysical, humorous, erotic, erratic, this book is everything... a complete portrait of India."
                    Yves Florenne in Le Monde Diplomatique


"A captivating tale... in which fact, fable and fantasy are skilfully blended."                   UK BEST BOOKS OF 1992, listed in
                THE SUNDAY TIMES by Barry Unsworth,                     Booker Prize Winner

"Wise and beautiful book... In the best fairy-tale tradition... Singh has a fine disrespect for power structures: the film industry, the press, the court and, of course, the British - in fact, all the world's ways of keeping the individual from his or her simple desires."
                THE TIMES, LONDON

"Un véritable livre... le monde du cinéma nourri par le reve."
                LE SOIR, BRUXELLES

"Un livre que je recommande vivement,"
                AGORA, FRANCE CULTURE

"This is a touching, gently humorous romance which brings sense to an irrational world."

"This novel is full of concerns that is easy to be enthusiastic about..."                          

"An erotic and memorable tale."
                TODAY, LONDON

"An intricate novel, a very clever one at that, very funny, very witty... He writes with great charm and ease... One of the best reads for the long, hot summer ahead."
                ASIAN TIMES, LONDON

"Whirlpool of Shadows recalls the magical erotica of the Arabian Nights."
                EASTERN EYE, LONDON

"... often funny, and tenderly melancholy book".
                Dom Moraes in INDIA TODAY

"Singh's handling of the intricate plot is skilful and the tale is engaging."
                THE HINDU, MADRAS

"Singh's forte is a touch of surrealism... which like is a stroke from an artist's brush transforms the whole scene."
"Singh's book is at once comic and sarcastic, witty and laced with tragedy. It is charming reading, sparkling like the champagnes... that King Nasiruddin Haider loved."                 


    "Ni simple témoin ni militant, Vijay Singh est celui qui, d'un même     mouvement, peut voir de près et analyser à distance la mécanique du     dé sait mêler les souvenirs aux éclairs d'une lucidité nouvelle."
André Velter in LE MONDE

    "Usant avec talent du récit journalistique, Vijay Singh raconte la     naissance et le     dévéloppement du mouvement extrémiste sikh..."

    Jacques Ducornoy in LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE

    "Il signe à la fois un livre d'information, un roman d'historien, un recueil de     voix dont il se fait l'écho. Au-dessus des violences, du tumulte, des     égarements, il fait aussi entendre une sagesse et une philosophie..."


    "Un beau livre... Par une analyse rigoureuse, qui se déploie comme le chant     épique d'un pays meurtri, il démontre l'engrénage qui a conduit à la situation     actuelle, dénonce sans complaisance les vraies responsabilités et laisse     entrevoir que les seules solutions possibles réposent sur la confiance     retrouvée.

    Christiane Hurtig in LA CROIX

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